Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce our involvement in fi*Fridays Gay Pride Event this year. We are featuring a number of goodies.

{U.R.} Classic Mesh Tank – Love Proudly

{U.R.} Classic Mesh Tank – Love is Love

{U.R.} Classic Mesh Tank – NO H8

{U.R.} Classic Tied T-Shirt – Pride (Group Gift)
Only available on MP now!

TP: http://slurl.com/secondlife/AZZURRA/95/131/1282

{U.R.} Essentials Side Cut Jumper – Blue (Tango Applier)

{U.R.} Essentials Side Cut Jumper – Pink (Tango Applier)

{U.R.} Mesh Class Me Pencil Dress – Giraffe Print

{U.R.} Class Me Dress – Zebra

{U.R.} Classic Mesh Pumps – Yellow

{U.R.} Mesh Classic Pumps – Pink

{U.R.} Classic Mesh Pumps – Zebra

Love is Love


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