{U.R.} Fashion Designs and Grenade Free Wednesdays

Presenting {U.R.} Going to Town in Pink for Jersey Shore’s and Grenade Free Wednesdays 10/3 

We have release this item just in time for fall! Take a look…

The dress is a partial mesh outfit. The top and bottom layers are regular SL clothes helping you retain your shape but the turtle neck and belt are mesh. Giving you a more realistic look and feel. You will also have two options for the skirt prim.   Finally the shoulder prims are added to completed the look. 

More colors will be released at the {U.R.} mainstore this week.

In the meantime come down to Jersey Shore and get the pink dress at 75ls . 


{U.R.} Fashion Designs  

Check out our store blog for the details 


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Jersey Shore Sim:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jersey%20Shore/23/75/24




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