{U.R.} Fashion Baby Doll Top…

Sexy Classy and animal print what more can you ask for! {U.R.} Fashion Baby Doll Top with print…

This comes with a flexi prim that flows and of course a resizer to fit you accordingly.




{U.R.} Fashion and Summer Part 2

Here are the latest releases from {U.R.} Fashion just in time for summer. 

{U.R} High Waist Shorts and Top with a touch of animal print to spice things up a bit…



And {U.R.} Perfect Summer Fit for those who love color!


{U.R.} Fashion and Summer

Summer wear just in time for the heat here at {U.R.} Fashion. Looking for classic denim shorts and capris? {U.R.} has just released shorts and capris in store at great price points with the options of fat-packs. Remember to visit {U.R.} Fashion and signup for our mailing list for info on new releases, promos, and gifts.


{U.R.} Fashion and Mesh!

Everyone is asking about mesh items and yes {U.R.} Fashion is working to bring you style and class within in our future mesh items. However, since this is a hot topic we thought we would show you what we are working on!

Here is a preview of {U.R.} Classic but Sexy and Stylish Long Jumper + a hot red mesh belt to complete the look. We are in love with the wide leg we hope you are too! We plan to bring you more jumpers in different colors so stay tune!

{U.R.} High Waist Shorts + Top and Leggings

Depending on your mood you might be looking for a sexier looking for a night out in SL. {U.R.} is presenting its High Waist Short look with leggings. Check it out!

In store now along with a free gift!




{U.R.} Blueness Fusion Dress

Perfect dress for a date or a night out with the ladies. This dress is designed to be sexy yet classy. {U.R} Blueness Fusion is available in store and on Marketplace!


Or shop in world and pick up our July Summer free gift!


{U.R.} Fashion Staff